Like most people, we started our farm to live more naturally and healthfully. But that was never our original plan. My husband and I both owned our own businesses and we had just had a baby. We were happy and doing great. Until I started to get sick. After years of getting sicker and multiple doctors telling me "It's all in your head"  I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Over the next several years I had taken and tried medication after medication that either didn't work,  made me sicker, or made me a zombie. With a new baby I couldn't affort to be any of those. I was tired of feeling miserable all the time and after so many years and so many medications I was starting to give up, and coming to the conclusion that "This is going to be my life".
One day I was listening to a podcast about a woman with similar issues who started a farm to heal herself when modern medicine wasn't working. I thought about that podcast for along time after, and thought, Could We?? But we were definitley NOT farmers. After several conversations with my husband and alot of thought, we decided to take the leap and buy a farm/homestead.
We started out with 6 chickens, 4 alpacas, and a small garden. That was in 2015. We have since grown to 23 large  gardens, added more alpacas, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, angora rabbits and honey bee's. Aside from growing our own fruits and vegatables, we raise our own meat, and grow our own herbs and tea.  I have learned to spin and weave the fiber from our animals, and  we even started a small vineyard.
While it's still a work in progress, we learn and grow everyday. I do still have my off days but they are few and far between and I'm still able to "work the farm" every day. So, with a glass of wine in one hand and a chicken in the other,  my life is happier and crazier than ever!

Welcome to our Farm!